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Here at Latin Hits Entertainment we have a vast amount of experience in the music industry, occupying diverse positions in the most important multinational companies of the market.


Our primary focus is the marketing of artists in the Latin music market, concentrating on the most important and effective element in the success of the artist’s career:  Radio Airplay.  We take charge of distributing the artist’s music to all radio stations in our database, covering both the main markets with the greatest audiences and hundreds of radio stations in the secondary markets which also consume Latin music, including satellite and Internet radio.

In addition to radio airplay, it is our goal to achieve the greatest level of exposure of our artists in the largest quantity of possible media.  This includes radio station web pages and primary entertainment media outlets.

Additionally, the Latin Hits Entertainment team takes charge of providing the latest in Latin music to nightclubs and discjockey associations, or record pools, of the nation.

Latin Hits Entertainment serves as the bridge between the fans and the artist, assisting as the agents carrying their musical presentations to the most coveted settings.

Take a minute to browse our webpage and learn more about our artists!

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